Top 15 most effective Digital Marketing tools to grow your business online in 2022

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In this Blog you’ll learn 15 most effective and useful DIGITAL MARKETING TOOLS to grow your business in 2022. I’ve compiled some of the best digital marketing tools I’ve come across in my digital marketing journey as well as some which I think are underrated and unexplored. These tools and services are categorized under SEO, marketing, creativity, and productivity which will eventually help you to grow your business in easy and effective way.

Table of Content DIgital Marketing Tools

  1. Hostinger
  2. StoryBrand Website Blueprint
  3. PickFu
  4. Title Generator
  5. Headline Analyzer
  6. Keywords Everywhere
  7. ConvertKit
  8. Kamua
  9. FlatIcon
  10. LordIcon
  11. Loom
  12. Canva
  13. Taskade
  14. Goodbye Metrics

With my extensive research and experience in digital marketing here are 15 best tools which can help market your website, business or brand or while staying productive.

Let’s check out tools


Do you want to start a website? and you are not tech savvy and do not know where to begin? Well, that’s where Hostinger comes into picture. With Hostinger, on their premium shared hosting you can host up to 100 websites and you get 100 GB super fast SSD storage also you get Free Domain Name when you sign up. I use Hostinger for several of my client’s website becasue it’s super fast. In fact, it’s actually one of the top performing web host in the world. In Addition, It’s customer support is World class. Whenever you have any Technical issues, you can send email. And then within 30 minutes, typically, you get a response. So rest assured if you do have any technical issues you can go ahead and contact them, and they are there to happily help you. The backend control panel is very user friendly and easy to understand. You can directly modify and log into WordPress account directly from dashboard of Hostinger. It also allows you to create up to 100 business emails addresses with your chosen domain name.

One of the best standouts of Hostinger is that it’s affordable, reliable and fast. On it’s 12-month annual plan, you are only paying about $2.40 per month. You will save more if you choose 48 month plan

You can get additional discount with this coupon code : HA10 (Thank me later ;-p). Apply at checkout.

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StoryBrand Website Blueprint

Want to write a compelling landing page, that’s based on proven framework? Well, there is book called “Building a story Brand” by Donald Miller. I highly recommend you to read this book. Having a great story of your brand is very important in Digital Marketing Content.

There is framework, a blueprint that you can download online, It’s provided by ClearBrand, they provide their story brand website, blueprint. You can simply download the PDF by filling up the form. You will be provided with a template in a PDF format with help of this pdf you can design your page accordingly for best conversions.

Rather than starting from stratch, simply download their PDF and follow it and then write your copy based on the structure.

Check out: ClearBrand Templates


Have you ever wanted to test between whether design A is better than design B? Well now you can do it using PickFu. If you ever want to decide whether to use option A Vs Option B for your Post, Ads etc. You can run a test using PickFu and get more detailed insights of creatives which one is better performing. It will also provide you with responses why and which option is better to choose and where you can improve in creative for better performance. 

A little caveat though, PickFu does comes at cost. However, if you do sign up you get a $50 credit that you can use for testing. So PickFu is great if you want to do some market research and perhaps validate a product idea before you start spending thousand of dollars and spending many hours on a product that may not even sell. 

Title Generator

Have you ever ran out of content ideas or you need some inspiration in terms of blog title or YouTube video titles?

Well, check out this tool, called “Title Generator”, where you can generate 700 headline with just one-click. All you need to enter your keyword in search box and click “Get Headlines”. Within few seconds you will get 700 headlines, titles and content Ideas ready for your topic.

Even tough some tiles or headline won’t be effective or related to your Keyword but it will give you broad ideas about your topic.

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Headline Analyzer

Another great testing tool is called, Headline Analyzer. This is the tool which is provided by

Simply open the tool and enter the title or headline you want to analyze that you would like to use for, let’s say your article, blog, YouTube video and whatnot. You can start analyzing your headlines or titles from here. 

Once you Analyze you will get headline score, SEO score. This will give you indication as to what things can be improved, optimized and tweaked. This tool will also provide you with some suggestions such as increasing the power words, increasing emotional words, uncommon words and decreasing the common words. You will also get more details like word count, character count and the type of headline comes under and the reading grade as well.

So by using headline analyzer, you can go in there, fine tune your headline and of course it’s not the be-all and end-all, but at least this is something you can start with to improve your headlines.

Keywords Everywhere

Another keyword tool apart from google keyword planner which is useful is Keyword everywhere. Keyword anywhere is the tool (extension) which will provide you detailed data of keyword. Whenever you search for any keyword on google you will start getting details along side of search results. It will also provide you with sidebar in SERP with trend data, SEO difficulty, off-page difficulty, related keywords based on your search term and also what people also search for and long tail keywords. This is an extremally useful tool, whenever you go to Google SERP you get extra information that google doesn’t provide otherwise. 

Download Extension: Keywords Everywhere


Want to start your newsletter and build and email subscriber base? Well, I recommend using tool called “ConvertKit”. It allows you to create landing pages, email sign up forms, Integrations with many other apps, email marketing tool, Email marketing automations as well as sending out broadcast messages. It’s completely FREE! up to 1000 subscribers.

They have very easy to use landing page builder, simply choose a template that you like from their library and start editing your landing page.


Let’s check some tools for creatives. Kamua will let you resize your videos into other formats for different social media platforms. It will not only resize your video but it actually focus in on that subject so that it only crop that area. From the backend you can select portrait or square. If you want to crop only the subject you can enable “autocrop” from panel. Once you have cropped your video you can download the video and share on related social media platforms.

Let’s grow your social media.


Do you want high quality icons that you can use on your website or even YouTube thumbnails? Well, check out FlatIcon. Simply search for related icon keywords you want to use for eg. “laptop” you will get a lot of search results for laptop icons. These results have both free and paid icons. You can simply select Icon you like and download it either in PNG or SVG format also they are available n different sizes.


Another great website for great icon is LordIcon. Different about this is that you get animated icons and in additions to that you can actually customize the colors. So if your brand colors are Yellow you can choose yellow color for your icons and download it. You can also adjust the strokes, thickness. There are 100s of icons to choose from so there bound’s to be something that fits your needs.


Want to present and record at same time?? or want to add that little circle or bubble face cam at the corner of the screen? check out Loom, it will allow you to do that. you can also do things like annotate. You can sign up for free and create up to  mins per video.

This tool is really helpful to convert your long video into YouTube shorts, Instagram Reels or TikTok videos instantly.


Speaking of designing tool, you may have already heard of this tool “Canva”. But very briefly Canva will help you create your eBook covers. You will also get Invitation business card templates, Infographic templates, Social media post templates and so much more.  Canva is very easy to use designing tool for all your designing needs. weather it is your social media post, PDF creation, Proposal designing, presentations almost everything you want to design. 

Recently Canva have introduced video editing functions as well. It’s very helpful tool for any kind of designing if you are not professional designer.


Let’s talk about some productivity tool, 1st in the list is Taskade. If you want to organize your to-dos, your workspaces, your projects. Then this tool is for you. This tool is really simple to use app. Think of Taskade as to-do app but on steroids, because what you can do is add things like due date, assign, comment, upload file embedded or add a timer to specific task. What’s more, you can view your project in different layouts. Such as broad view, if you like that visual kind of view or combine view, you also get action view, a mind map view and an organization chart.  Taskade is free for most of it’s part. 

Goodbye Metrics

This final tool is specially for YouTube creators. A popular YouTube creator named Matt D’Avella who talks about minimalism and productivity created a plugin for chrome it’s called “Goodbye Metrics” What it does is it will basically eliminate the metrics, the analytics, the numbers, how many like on particular video. You might be thinking what’s the point of not seeing all these metrics? Well, this is one of the traps that creators fall into. They fall into comparison syndrome, where they compare their latest video or the videos that they create amongst the sea of other creators that have posted their videos. This can lead to lack of motivation. Using this tool you can focus more on creating content rather that following the algorithm and feeding what YouTube wants.

I hope you find this blog useful and if you find any of the digital marketing tools useful do share your views in comment section.  

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