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Grow your business with our Google Ads Expert.

Google Ads is most powerful tool for any business to generate inbound leads with their pull marketing algorithm. It helps your to reach new target audience and grow your business exponentially. 
Our PPC Services specialist know how to paly and use this tool and make it advantage to your business.
Google Ads and Pay per click are smart and effective tools to drive traffic to your business website and convert potential leads into sales.

According to studies Google Ads and PPC have increased at least 10% of the revenue increase every month  if done correctly.

So If you are looking to grow your Business, consider using PPC Ads and Google Ads are the certainly best way to execute it.

Best PPC Services Agency in NYC

PPC Services and Management

Manual Bidding
Automatic Bidding
Campaign Optimization
Ads Ranking Optimization

Pay Per Click (PPC Services)

PPC is type of Ad where advertiser is charged for every click received on Ads. It is most effective adverting method for Lead Generation and Increase website traffic. We are ranked best PPC Company in USA and UK in 2021. It is primarily based on Keyword Queries that are  searched. Marktech’s PPC experts Optimize Pay per click campaign in such a way that CPC cost is brought down substantially which in return saves your advertising campaign cost. If you looking for Google search Ads / PPC company for your business? connect to our experts.

YouTube Ads

YouTube is Google’s product so does YouTube Advertising. Google Ad Manager manages and controls Ads over YouTube. YouTube has it’s own Advertising types and that is Video Ads. It is most effective Advertising for Product marketing and Brand consideration. Video ads are nothing but usual YouTube Tv commercials which we used to watch from decades but on different means. It is most engaged Social Media Marketing platform.

Skippable in-stream Ads
Non-skippable in-stream Ads
In-feed Video Ads
Bumper Ads
Discovery Ads
Display Ads
Brand Awareness
Increase Reach at low cost
In-app Ads
Retargeting Ads

Display Ads

We all know what cookies are for and how they are used by companies to leverage their target audience and their data. We see Banners, Pop-ups, Ads on various websites we browse, Articles we read, Videos or while using any mobile application those are nothing but Display Ads. One of the finest Display Ad campaign is ran by Zomato on Adult websites backing theory of getting hungry after being on adult websites.

Shopping / Product Listing Ads

It’s common to use google search prior to shop any product. Google Merchant center compiles and displays organic and paid results of searched query on top when search is related to any product. These type of searches or user doing it are the most potential buyer for that searched product and can be retargeted accordingly. This category is very helpful for e-commerce businesses as it gives visibility and pricing and reviews all together at same time.

Better Qualified Leads
Retail-centric campaign management
Broader Presence
Realtime Reporting
Google Merchant center listing
App Store Optimization
Banner Ads
App Installs
Reviews and Optimizations

Play Store Ads / App Promotion

Google provides campaign for promoting Apps weather it’s IOS App or Android apps on various platforms like Google, Play store, YouTube and more. We will also help you to optimize your app store and play store account for better reach. We will optimize the Ad campaign to reach the audience most likely to download your app.

Google My Business

Listing and being active on your business is mandatory in this era of Google. Google My business helps local businesses to increase footfalls in their stores and increase shop’s brand in their targeted area. Google My Business beats the Organic search results when you are local listing in searched area which eventually helps you gain more audience for your business.

Google Map Ads
More Exposure to your business
Local Business Listing
Google Business Optimization

Why Marktech is best Google Ads / PPC Services Agency?

Our Google Adwords advertiser experts are well versed with google Ads and it’s update to make the most out of it. We create, Optimize and execute successful Google campaign to deliver best results for any business. We have professional PPC experts with experience of 8+ years and who have experience of handling Google Ads with spending of $1M+ Monthly.

Marktech is full service Digital Marketing services but we provide best expertise in Google Ads / PPC and Search Engine Optimization and SMM.

We are awarded best PPC Ad agency in USA along with best SEO Agency in USA in 2022. We deliver what we say.

Reliable PPC Services Company in USA

We have ran successful PPC campaigns for our clients in USA and UK and have delivered desired results for our clients. We consult and advise improvements needed and work accordingly with our client.

Google Ads Specialist

Along with Digital Marketing services we specifically specialize in Google Advertising and SEO Services. Delivering success from past 7+ years.

Google Business Management

We optimize, analyze your business for being on top of the google searches locally. We constantly manage and monitor your Google Business account to keep it up to date as per google norms.

Hire PPC Service Expert from Top PPC Agency

USD 13 /Hour

5+ Years of Exp. PPC Expert

We have Best PPC Services and Google Management professionals with real time experience of 4 to 6 Years working in Live projects. Our PPC expert will be working dedicatedly with your team and deliver best outcome for your business.

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