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Google Ads / PPC Services

Google is a place you cannot miss for your business. Majority of Inbound leads are generated from Google search. You acknowledge the importance of Google search Ads and pay per click Ads, but did you know that you can use these Search Engine to your advantages for your business? By using Google search Ads and PPC, you can target your audience and reach more customers.

Google Search Ads
YouTube Advertising
PPC Management

Professional SEO Services

We are your Local SEO company helping your website rank on top with organic searches. Our SEO Experts will help your website to be seen by more people and help improve your search engine ranking. We are best seo agency in USA and have SEO specialists with 10+ yrs exp for extensive Keyword research, competitor analysis etc. For being on top of the searches On-page and off-page need be done hand to hand and we know that how do it best.

Keyword Research
Competitor's Keyword Analysis
On-page / Off-page SEO

Social Media Marketing

In the era of social media it’s impossible to build your brand without being on social media and It’s a FACT! With different businesses, industry and target audience need to active on various social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tik-Tok etc. you cannot  miss out anywhere. Our SMM expert will help you manage your social media presence across different platform helping your brand to be visible to your audience.

Social Media Organic and Paid Ads
Community management
Social Media Audience Insight Analytics

Web Design Services

We are best Web Design Services company in NY. we design and develop beautiful websites and fully SEO optimized and mobile friendly websites which helps to rank your website on top of the searches. Be it Service industry, product or e-commerce we design it in a best possible way. We work with one of the finest web designer in Tri-state.

Custom Web Design and Development
E-commerce Website designing
Secure and GDPR compliant

Process for best digital marketing agency

PPC Services near me
Requirement Gathering

To deliver best digital marketing services to any client understanding their business is key step to analyze requirement and to develop strategy for digital marketing services. 

We adopt agile methodology in order to be easy and efficient to work with any client. Once we understand goals of the business and who their target audience is we move further to develop strategy of marketing things to do to that specific business.

We cannot swim in water unless we dive in to it.

Marketing Strategy & Budget

Before moving forward we need to be clear what our goal would be what measures to be taken and how much to spend.

We will analyze your social media, your website and your traffic and create a plan to optimize it according to your audience to the best.

Once everything is sorted we would define concrete scope for your marketing of your business and set Ad spend according to your budget. We make sure to achieve ROAS to be at least 10x of your Ad spend.

Affordable SEO services and PPC services
Marketing Plan

We will now begin to develop the strategy and will take all the insights and information gathered from our previous steps and study them to create best marketing strategy for your business. Sustainable Predictable growth of your business to be crafted this way.

Our strategy is also a dynamic as your requirement and we improvise as per results. We are flexible with our plans and can be improvised whenever and wherever needed.


Why choose us?

Why Marktech

Is right digital marketing service agency for your business?

As a Top Digital Marketing service company across United states we manage strategize, plan , execute industry disrupting affordable digital marketing services across various domains of Industries and platforms.  We specialize in SEO Services, Google Ads and Awarded one of the best SEO Agency in Tri-State region.

With Experience of 10+ years into this industry we work with top talents across marketing industry.

Our presence is not just limited to USA, our clients are spread various other countries like UK, Australia, UAE, Africa and South-east Asia.

Affordable Digital Marketing Services in NY

We try not be burden on client's pocket so we provide best ROI on their marketing budget. We design Ad campaigns as per client's budget and give our best recommendations to avoid un-necessary spends.

Complete Transparency​

We do not hide behind cloud of fake promises and commitment. We are transparent with our client for any kind of planning and execution as well as results.

Personable, Passionate & Highly Tailored SEO and PPC Services in United states

We are a friendly team whose methods are unique, data-driven and always anticipate the intent of your customers, search engines and technology in B2C and B2B digital marketing services for companies and industries globally.


Digital Marketing Services are professional services to help your business to market it’s product or services online. These services are mainly focused on internet based platform like Search engine searches, social media and paid channels.

In 2022, digital presence of any business is must without any exception. Problem is to hire reliable agency for marketing services. Marktech solves this problem by providing complete transparency to the client of the services and marketing strategy.

Cost is totally dependent on type of service you choose. Avg. cost for SEO services for 15 keywords is approx. USD 500/month and for PPC services is USD 350 per month (only fees) Ad spend is not included.

Once you are satisfied with initial communication and strategy Marktech is offering, you can compare and sign up the contract.
We provide complete initial 7 days risk free trial to understand initial working process. 

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